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10 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler for cigarette factory

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Nanchang, Jiangxi




10 tph

Case introduction

Jiangxi Zhongyan Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the production and sales of tobacco products, tobacco materials, and tobacco machine spare parts business. In 2010, Jiangxi Zhongyan carried out various reform tasks in response to the development of the cigarette industry, one of which was the implementation of the joint venture exchanging projects of the Minnan Cigarette Factory and the Xingguo Cigarette Factory. As one of the few boiler manufacturers in China with A grade boiler manufacturing licenses, ZOZEN stands out among many bidding companies with its superb technology, advanced production equipment and complete testing equipment.

ZOZEN produced a 10 tph coal-fired steam boiler (SZL10-1.25-AII) for Jiangxi Yanzhong’s production of steam in the production process. The user can set different numbers of independent wind bins according to different tonnages. During production, the user can reasonably allocation according to different coal quality and combustion conditions to ensure that the coal burns out.

Case introduction

Steam boilers play a very important role in tobacco production and processing companies, directly affecting the production schedule and quality. After the professional installation and commissioning of ZOZEN boiler, it will be put into production to ensure the completion of the technological transformation of Jiangxi Zhongyan.


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